Klaipėdos transekspedicija

Heavy and oversize cargo transport

Transport of oversize cargo is an extremely complex type of carriage/transportation requiring special equipment in good working order, permits, prior agreements, and, if need be, escort and security service, and specially trained drivers, as well as numerous other conditions and factors that should be observed in compliance with international rules for transport of oversized and abnormal loads. Transport of oversize cargo is one of the most expensive modes of transport which is very well-known to our company thanks to our expertise of over 20 years in this field of operations.

Due to our vast experience in transport of oversize and heavy loads, we are in a position to offer our customers the best quality.

Using our own vehicles, we are able to carry heavy and oversize cargoes from/to Sweden, Germany and other EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkey.

The staff of our company will do everything whatever is needed for vehicle loading and unloading and timely delivery of your cargo in compliance with required safety standards and international guidelines for transport of heavy loads. 

We carry oversize, non-standard and/or heavy cargoes using our trucks with special semi-trailers – platforms designed to carry loads of non-standard length, width and weight. It is sophisticated freight transport equipment designed and made on the basis of leading-edge technologies, including reinforcing assemblies, auxiliary hydraulic and pneumatic power systems. Due to its special design, such vehicles are easily modified and adapted to any loading gauge, and the platforms are designed to carry loads of non-standard length, width, height and weight. We can currently transport cargoes measuring up to 35 metres in length and up to 80 tonnes in weight using our own vehicles.